Contest Information

Each contestant must:

  • Be a U. S. Citizen or Permanent Resident of California.
  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Be the winner of a San Francisco feeder contest or sponsored by a San Francisco leather, kink, fetish or gear business, club or organization or be an independent, reputable leather man from the community.
  • Agree to appear at all official events relating to the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest (including but not limited to the Contestant/Judges Meet and Greet, the Formal Leather Dinner, the Contest, the After Party, and the Victory Beer/Soda Bust).
  • Complete and sign the Contestant Agreement, Winner Agreement, Standard of Behavior Agreement, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreement, Contestant Photo Release, and Contestant Data Form.
  • Provide a photo and legal identification as proof of age.
  • Pay a Contestant Fee of $50.00

The judges are prominent members of the leather/fetish/kink community whom we feel best represent the ideals and character traits that we expect to see in our titleholder. Each represents a different portion of the local, national or international community. All exhibit the sense of citizenship, community work ethic and independent character that makes a strong titleholder.

There are five judges for the Mr SF Leather contest. The contest is scored using straight scoring. All judges scores are counted. The personal interview will also be judged by SF Bootblack judges. Their score will be combined to add a 6th judges score for the personal interview. Final category scores for each contestant will be added together and the individual with the highest total will be declared “Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018.”

Contestants must reach 70% to be awarded the title. In the rare event of a tie, the winner will be determined by only using the Personal Interview and Speech. Scoring and Judges feedback will be made available to contestants within 60 days of the end of the contest.

All interviews will take place at SF Catalyst – 1060 Folsom Street, in San Francisco, on Saturday, March 3, 2018.  Judging is free and open to all (subject to space limitations).


  • No cell phones allowed.

  • The room will be emptied after each interview with a short break.

  • No entry once the interview has started will be allowed.
  • No audience participation.



Mr SF Leather Contestant #1 Spencer (Mr Powerhouse)
10:00 – 10:15am

Mr SF Leather Contestant #2 Colton (Mr Eagle)
10:22 – 10:37am

SF Bootblack Contestant #1 Victoria
10:44 – 10:59am

Mr SF Leather Contesant #3 Austin (Mr Daddy’s)
11:06 – 11:21am

Mr SF Leather Contesant #4 Matt (Bay Area Cub)
11:28 – 11:43am

Lunch break 11:50am – 12:20pm (space emptied except for the contestants, judges, and staff)

SF Bootblack Contestant #2 Camryn
12:20 – 12:35pm

Mr SF Leather Contestant #5. Stephan (Mr Friendly)
12:42 – 12:57pm

Mr SF Leather Contestant #6. Kenneth (Mr Sober)
1:04 – 1:19pm

SF Bootblack Contestant #3 Kenzi
1:26 – 1:41pm

Personal Interview in Street/Casual Wear

100 points

Contestants will have a 15 minute personal interview where they will answer questions posed to them by the Judging panel. The questions may be about any aspect of leather history, BDSM, or personal questions about the contestant.

Contestants are not required to have a ‘platform,’ but questions from the judges may include plans for the contestant’s title year if they were to win. The interview is open to the public. Additionally the personal interview will be scored by the SF Bootblack judges. The scores of the SFBB judges will be averaged for an additional 100 point score


Speech and Formal Wear

100 points

Contestants will give a speech no longer than two minutes on a topic of their choice. The Contestants will also be judged on their formal leather look during this time.


On Stage Pop Question and Physique

75 points 

Each contestant will randomly select one pop question to answer on stage. Questions will be submitted by the judges and emcees. The appropriate dress for this section is your briefest (jock) sexy best.


Leather Image

100 points

Contestants will be judged on their overall leather image while on stage. This will include formal wear when first introduced and bios are read and an overall impression from the judges of their “total” leather image throughout the contest. This category should be scored last. (Not to include what is worn during the meet and greet or the pre-judging interviews)


Presentation Skills

25 points

Contestants are judged in this category by how they present and carry themselves overall, from interview, and throughout the on stage contest, including speech and pop question.


Total Points Possible

400 Points per Mr SF Leather judge. 100 points for the Personal Interview scored by the Bootblack judges. Total points possible 2100. Must score 1470 points to win the title.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018 will go on to compete at the International Mr. Leather competition, May 24 – May 28, 2018, in Chicago, IL.

San Francisco Bootblack

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