Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018 Judges



Ralph BruneauRalph Bruneau 

Head Judge


Ralph Bruneau is International Mister Leather 2017. He competed at IML as Mr. GNI Leather 2016 representing Gay Naturists International, the largest naturist organization in the world.He began his leather journey in 1974 at the legendary Mineshaft in NYC. In his first career, he was an actor on Broadway and on television creating the role of Mike Doonesbury in the Broadway musical Doonesbury and appearing on TV in shows from soaps to Seinfeld.

In the 80’s at the height of the AIDS crisis be became a volunteer for the Shanti Foundation as a hospice worker and emotional support volunteer. He then went on to get a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Bruneau has a sex-positive, kink-positive practice in Los Angeles and has been nationally recognized for his contributions to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy in California. He has taught and lectured about intimacy and sexual expression for over two decades. He is actively involved in the campaign to end Conversion Therapy working with NCLR and the #BornPerfect campaign. He is on the founding Board of the Los Angeles Gender Center and a co-team leader for Team Friendly SoCal. He is a proud member of Avatar Club Los Angeles and the Southern California Bondage Club. He flags black, grey and houndstooth on the left.



Geoff Millard

Geoff Millard


Geoff Millard’s titles include Mr Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2017, Mr San Francisco Leather 2017, and first runner-up at IML.

Geoff is a queer, disabled combat veteran, bootblack, stripper and leatherman from Buffalo, NY living in Oakland with his husband/sub. He flags hunter green on the left, light pink on right, and can switch his light blue, navy blue, black, or grey. As a Brazilian Ju Jitsu instructor Geoff is also an expert in choking if anyone wants to feel lightheaded later….

Despite living most of his life in the closet, Geoff learned to love boots in the army, knowing he was a queer pervert from his earliest memories. From homeless youth to open, out, and proud leatherman, Geoff has done some amazing things; like he got arrested outside of Bush’s ranch, smoked hookah over the pyramids of Giza, licked a Sir’s boots in Germany, and even briefed President Obama in the Oval Office. Just ask, he loves storytelling.



Chris Rice

Chris Rice


Not one to be in the closet about anything, Chris never shies away from discussing his involvement in the leather and kink community regardless of the audience, finding that openness and authenticity have been a key attribute in his efforts to strike down homophobia and opening the door for the leather/kink-curious to get engaged.

Proudly blending his personal and professional life, Chris has worked to advance workplace equality for LGBTQ+ individuals and those living with and impacted by HIV. As the Lead of the Whirlpool Corporation Pride Network (2013-2016) and as an active member of Team Friendly, Chris partnered with Mr Friendly to create the workshop “Making your Workplace More HIV Friendly”, providing guidance and dispelling myths about HIV, removing fear and stigma, and navigating health care questions regarding employer coverage and access to PrEP.

In 2015, Chris was honored as one of Windy City Times “30 under 30”. He has served on several community, city, and philanthropic boards in and around the Southwest Michigan/Chicagoland area and, more recently in his new home in San Francisco.

His leather titles and affiliations include:

  • Mr Campit Leather 2015
  • Mr Michigan Leather 1st Runner Up
  • Michigan Band of Brothers
  • San Francisco Bare Chest Calendar
  • Albuquerque Leather Daddies
  • Bears of San Francisco

Chris has facilitated workshops and seminars on a wide variety of  LGBTQ+ topics and issues, working with companies like WalMart, Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens as well as various government agencies. He recently hosted a well-received education class at CLAW entitled – “I like clean butts and I cannot lie”.

Currently, he is Mr. September 2018 on the Bare Chest Calendar. He’s participated in a number of community fundraisers with the BOSF and the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance. Chris would like to thank the Leather Alliance for the opportunity to serve his community on such an amazing weekend.





Azalea is a queer, poly, kinky, gender-fluid, top-heavy switch who loves coffee and spends way too much time on the internet. She often transforms into a purple pony, a papillon puppy, and a gryphon. She has presented classes on petplay at IMsL, Pantheacon, SF Citadel, WickedGrounds, and Kink Unlimited. She hosts the Human Animal Night munch and is a certified sex educator through San Francisco Sex Information. On her YouTube channel (Azalea Pony) she likes to talk about petplay, her adventures with ADHD, and wearing zentai suits. If you see her around, say hi!



Levi Halberstadt


Levi Halberstadt


Levi is a queer Butch from New York who currently lives in the North Bay of California with his devastatingly handsome wife, Leo. He is deeply honored to belong to his Sir, Tomo, and has been in her service for almost ten years. Since 2003 Levi has been an organizer and an educator in the Leather Community – he is currently the Western and International Battalion Commander for the Dyke Uniform Corps, and serves as Assistant to the Producers of Northwest Leather Celebration. Levi was previously the Director of Operations for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and a Producer of International Ms Leather Weekend, which won the Pantheon of Leather Large Event of the Year Award during his tenure. He also co-produced San Francisco Queer Leather Happy Hour for six years, has organized Venus’ Playground at Folsom Street Fair, and was affectionately known as the “Get-It-Done-Boy” of Playhouse Studios in Baltimore, Maryland. Levi has had the privilege of teaching classes at numerous events across the country, and has judged Leather and Bootblack contests on local, regional and International levels. He is also nascent martial artist who is excited to be representing the Bay Area at the Gay Games in Paris this summer.


Emeritus Judges



Garry McLain (Marlena)

Judge Emeritus

Garry McLain (Marlena), began his leather journey back in 1969 by walking into Phoebe’s leather bar in San Francisco. His leather journey has been a phenomenal experience, which he is passionate about. Garry has been a part of motorcycle clubs such as the Golden Gate Guards and the SF GDI Club in San Francisco. Since the beginning he has been a huge supporter of our community and will tell you how much he loves it. He believes in the work the community is doing & contributes to organizations such as AEF, PRC, Camp Starburst, and previously the Godfather Service Fund.

In 1976 he became Empress of Modesto and in 1990 became Empress XXV of San Francisco. At that time he opened a bar in Hayes Valley called Marlena’s and for 23 years the bar was home to many community events. In 2002, he started the Mr. Hayes Valley Leather contest. Having 11 titleholders who competed at Mr. San Francisco Leather and IML, the title ended in 2013 when the bar closed. Garry/Marlena takes pride in the contest, his involvement in the leather community, as well as the titleholders he has produced.


San Francisco Bootblack 2018 Judges

slave tabitha

slave tabitha

International Ms Bootblack 2015

Southwest Bootblack 2009slave tabitha met her one and only Master over 15 years ago and has never looked back! she is Southwest Leather Bootblack 2009 and International Ms Bootblack (IMsBB) 2015. slave tabitha is the first transgender woman to earn the title in a 30 years of International Ms Leather (IMsL) organization.  she ran for the title to increase the visibility of transgender women in the leather/kink community. During her title year she travelled over 50,000 miles to represent the IMsL/IMsBB organization at local, regional, national, and international events. She is the founder of #AskMe for transgender awareness.  slave tabitha serves as team lead for the bootblack lounge and is the  graphic designer for Southwest Leather Conference. slave tabitha’s artistry takes form in bootblacking and donating her design skills for organizations and individuals in the leather/kink community; including IMsLBB and the IMsL Foundation, Leatherati.com, and the Women’s Leather History Program at LA&M. she the Bootblack Contest Co-coordinator for the International Community Bootblack title.



 Ms V

Ms V

International Ms Bootblack 2007

Ms. V, International Ms. Bootblack 2007 was the first woman of color to win that title. She has been a Bootblack for well over 12 years. She is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. An active member of the San Francisco Leather Community, she has done extensive fundraising and has been groomed and mentored, Leather titleholders both locally and nationally.She is a graduate of the Journeyman 3 Academy, a member of the Exiles, a member of Mama’s Family, a former member of the Leather Forum and she currently serves on the board for the IMSL Foundation. She was an original member of the SF Bootblack Studio, later known as the NorCal Bootblacks. She was responsible for bringing back the International Sir/boy, California Community Bootblack Title back to Northern California.As the first woman to bootblack in Leather bars in San Francisco, she was determined to seek more opportunities for both female identified Bootblacks and for Bootblacks of color to apply their craft. By breaking down barriers, Ms.V has paved the way for many other Bootblacks. She became the resident Bootblack for both the Powerhouse, and Chaps II/Kok Bars. She enjoyed a long tenure as the Bootblack to the former SF Stompers Boots store, servicing and restoring hundreds of boots. She presently co-hosts the Queer Leather Happy Hour and continues to foster community in Leather.She is spiritual in her Leather journey. To her, Bootblacking is religion. It is a deep and soul satisfying process which is an expression of love and joyful devotion to her community and her people, which requires dedication. Her journey has taken her from trying to shine and perfect every boot to finding beauty in imperfection. Her process is simple, slow, and uncluttered and it reveres the authenticity of the boot above all. It’s about honoring the intrinsic beauty and function of that boot, appreciating all of its imperfection, impermanence, and incompleteness. Simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, sensuality and appreciation. She continues to preserve the tradition of “honoring stories” by supporting the next generation of bootblacks and by spreading the gospel of boots.She is spiritual in her Leather journey and she shines in her artful Leather care.



 Gage FisherGage Fisher

Mr SF Eagle 2014

Originally from Los Angeles, Gage was bartender at MJ’s and Bullet bar before moving to San Francisco almost 5 years ago to be a bartender at the SF Eagle. He is currently one of the mangers there that helps with daily operations.After coming out in 2002 his adventures took him to the bars of LA like Pistons, Faultline and Gauntlet. There he waded through the cultures of bears and leather, finding where his desires aligned with others.Some of his accomplishments include the Mr. SF Eagle 2014 title, co-producer of the Mr. SF Eagle Leather contest, organizing the December Ornament fundraiser benefitting SF Suicide Prevention and providing the cigars available at the Eagle anytime.In his free time you might catch him watching anime, hiking urban and outdoors and kicking back in his boots with a beer and a cigar.